Tuesday, January 09, 2007

My camera broke today! So at some point I'm going to stop by Wal-Mart to track down an eyeglass repair kit because I'm certain I can fix it. A good 75% of stuff I attempt to fix ends up back together eventually. Of those, I'd say at least half end up no more broken than before. Of the remaining 50%, I'm not sure I've ever gotten anything truly "working" again, but I really feel like this is going to be my big break.

We started the day at a house that needed drywall. Unfortunately, the house was awaiting inspection and the inspector hadn't shown up. This meant that we could only hang one side of every wall. We were pretty good at it.

We even got to use power tools.

However, because we could only hang half the drywall there was only half the work, so half of us headed over to one of the "Guiding Light" houses. I'd like to provide a translation of the following line from the linked article:

...spending a week in the Gulf Coast to rebuild homes destroyed by Hurricane Katrina

Another version may be:
..spending a week getting photographed in front of homes in various states of repair that were prepared by Hands-On volunteers

But I digress. We did some good work, but left the house to sit "partly done" for the next 10 days until the film crew shows up.

That's about it for now. We're collecting to take a trip out to a casino right now--there are plenty of cameras, so hopefully I'll be able to get a few more pictures headed this way soon!

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