Saturday, January 06, 2007

I'm the worst packer on the planet. Every article of clothing in my apartment seems indispensible, even for a week-long excursion. Here is a picture of my first pass:

I did manage to condense this into one bag that can be described using words like "absurdly heavy" and "extremely awkward."

Of course, our accomodations are somewhat meager, so a big chunk of the bulk comes from my air mattress, pillow, quilt, etc., etc. Then there's the issue of the BYOSTB (bring your own steel-toed boots) policy. Turns out the ones I brought from home didn't fit, so I had to buy some today. I had no idea Skechers does steel toes. Here is a picture of my fancy new steel-toed Skechers with his new Skechers friends who already lived in my closet:

I'm sure they'll get along fine.

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