Thursday, January 11, 2007

The last two days of work have been really good. Yesterday we were in Turkey Creek removing all sorts of debris from the sides of roads and wooded areas. The list of stuff we found is pretty astonishing—things like bathtubs and water heaters, bottles and tires, toys, diapers, and so on and so on and so on.

People in the community are very grateful to see us there. “Are you the folks from out of town?” “We sure are!” “Thank you SO much for helping us!”

Another fellow needed help removing the leftovers of his garage. He rode out the storm – “It sounded like a train for 12 hours” – and had to look at the debris from his garage for the next year and a half. We pulled all of the lumber out to the curb and got attacked by fire ants in the process.

Today was an insulation and drywall day, only this time it was *really* a drywall day. This is one of the houses that Guiding Light will be showing off so they’re in a hurry to get the drywall up so the moviestars can paint something in front of a camera. We started at 6am and powered through until 2. There was a bit of a ramp-up and a few Paddington moments, but our group was able to finish all of our drywalling and the other groups were awfully close. We’ll be “mudding” for the next day or so.

It feels good.

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